Pampa de Pongo Iron Project

Pampa de Pongo Iron Project

The Pampa de Pongo iron ore (magnetite) project consists of a block of 8 adjoining mining concessions and 10 mining claims encompassing an area 19 km long and up to 10 km wide (15,300 hectares).

The project is located on the southern coastal plain of Peru, 50 km south of the city of Nazca and 550 km southeast of Lima, in the province of Caraveli, in the governing jurisdiction of Arequipa.

The total area of ​​the mining concession covers 21,202 hectares. The plant capacity is 30 million tons per year of magnetite concentrate grading 63.30% Fe. When treated by dry magnetic separation, only 47,801,147 t/a of mineral mass will have a grade of 42.71% Fe and metallurgical recovery of 93.0% .


  • 2015

    EIA approval for mining exploration

  • 2014

    EIA approval for power transmission lines

Geotechnical studies

Anddes Asociados

Execution of geotechnical field investigations, laboratory tests and analysis of admissible load capacity according to designs or preliminary arrangements of the beneficiation plant. Conceptual engineering of 6km haul road, including geometric design, pavements, bridge design and geotechnical evaluation. Geotechnical research for foundation purposes of the tailings deposit, characterization and classification of the foundation materials (soil and rock), geotechnical evaluation of the foundation, evaluation of the clearing of the Tagus 2 as loan material and analysis of physical stability of embankments tailings deposit.

Source: Anddes Asociados
anddes 4764
Amec Foster Wheeler
US$ 160.7K

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Amec Foster Wheeler

The Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA) describes activities related to construction stages as well as the ones for operation stages in order to allow the extraction of iron ore concentrate at 98,300 tonnes/day through an open-it operation. The implementation of a processing plant for iron concentrate is included with a production capacity of 61,698 tonnes/day.

The EIA contains descriptions of physical components, biological, social baseline, characterisation of environmental impacts, environmental management measures, measures of conceptual closure.

According to directorial resolution Nº044-2015-MEM/DGAAM given on January 22nd 2015, the Pampa de Pongo Iron mine project EIA study was approved meeting the technical requirements for the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines and the environmental local regulations.

Source: Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines

Geophysical survey

ZER Geosystem Perú

Geophysical survey for Seismic refraction and Multichannel Analysis of Spectral Waves (MASW) methods for both Pampa de Pongo and Sombrerillo substations as well as for the respective port.

Source: ZER Geosystem Perú S.A.C
Abengoa Perú S.A
US$ 160.7K

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Abengoa Perú S.A

Execution of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies for the construction of a double circuit transmission line of 220 kV with a total length of 61.30 km, with galvanized type towers and ACAR conductors (Aluminum conductors).

The EIA also evaluates the construction of 02 substations Pampa de Pongo and Sombrerillo, power transformers 220/33kV - 100MVA capacity and 220/23kV - 50MVA capacity respectively.

According to directorial resolution Nº365-2014-MEM/DGAAE given on Nov 20th, 2014, the EIA study for the power transmission system was approved meeting the technical requirements for the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines and the environmental local regulations.

Source: Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines
Buenaventura Ingenieros S. A. (BISA)

Geological evaluation

Buenaventura Ingenieros S. A. (BISA)

Geological and geotechnical modelling as well as resources and supervision of drilling.

Source: BISA
Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
US$ 160.7K

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

The EIA covers specifications that will allow built port facilities which will let piling of iron ore as well as the construction of a dock to ship ore into ships that will transport mineral to international markets.

In addition to marine and land civil works, the port terminal will have mechanical handling equipment ore, ie rotopolas in the stockyards, conveyor belts and Charger boat (ship loader).

Source: Jinzhao Mining Peru S.A
SRK Consulting (Canada)

Economic Assessment Technical Report

SRK Consulting (Canada)

SRK Consulting executed the the preliminary economic assessment report finding that the Pampa de Pongo Project is an economically robust project that warrants further exploration and study.

Drilling and magnetic surveys infer the presence of a large, massive magnetite mineralized Central Zone that is conducive to underground bulk mining. The metallurgy test work done on the Central Zone mineralization confirmed the production of pilot-scale direct reduction pellets with low levels of deleterious elements.

SRK Consulting also completed the structural report “Evaluation of the Structural Geology of the Pampa de Pongo Fe Project, Peru" in June 2008.

Source: SEC Fillings

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Capital Expenditure
US$ 1.7B
Project Status
Construction & Development
Production starting date
December 2016
Metal Annual Output (Tonnes)
Mineral reserves (Million Tonnes)
Metals mined
Life of Mine LoM (Years)
Iron Annual Output (Tonnes)
Area of Mine (ha)

Top Contractors

Amec Foster Wheeler
Abengoa Perú S.A
Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
Buenaventura Ingenieros S. A. (BISA)

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